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If there were ever a time to dare, 
to make a difference, 
to embark on something worth doing, 

it is now. 
Not for any grand cause, necessarily -- 
but for something that tugs at your heart 
something that's your dream.

You owe it to yourself 
to make your days here count. 
Have fun. 
Dig deep. 

Dream Big.
--Unknown Author--

Dream Big

What is The FreeFall Project?

When I first moved to New York City, I used to describe it to my friends back home as Neverland.  Instead of settling into the norms of society-- climbing the corporate ladder, finding a spouse, buying a house, and having children-- the people around me were eternal dreamers.  But not in the sad, meaningless way.  No they were creators, innovators, risk-takers, entrepreneurs, etc.  Just by being around them, I've become a better version of myself.  When you have big dreams and you're ready to start taking bold action, it's easy to start doubting yourself and believing that you're crazy.  But when you find your fearless tribe you realize, you might still be a little crazy, but at least you're not alone, and that makes all the difference.  And that was the impetus for wanting to build this community.  I want to capture the stories of some the trailblazers around me so that anyone, regardless of location, can feel empowered to take risks, honor your passions, and live extraordinary lives.  

Act courageously.  Grow relentlessly.

Maybe you have always wanted to write a book, be a photographer, sing in a band, sell a painting, open a bakery or start your own business.  Sure, you may not feel called to quit your job or move across the country to pursue your passion, but I do think that EVERYONE owes it to themselves to at least nourish that dream and weave it into their stories.  When we choose to act despite our fear, a whole new world of possibility and freedom opens up to us.  This community is for anyone seeking permission to dream big, take risks, embrace failure, and dream some more.  Permission granted.

Stay plugged in.  Join our Facebook group-- receive notifications when new stories are posted and connect with our tribe.  Share your passions, goals, and action steps, and motivate each other towards boldness.  Lastly follow us on Instagram @thefreefallproject, and be sure to tag #thefreefallproject as you choose to challenge fear in your every day life!


Rachael Arthur

Artist | Facilitator | Coach

Originally from Texas, I recently traded in the wide open spaces for the beautiful concrete jungle.  After serving as a public school teacher for almost a decade, I had a yearning in my heart that would not go away-- I wanted to be a performer.  Although the odds were stacked against me-- I did not attend a performing arts high school, I didn't have a degree in musical theater, and I was already 30 years old-- I finally decided that I was tired of letting fear dictate my life

I picked up and moved to New York City with just two suitcases and a dream-- no job, no apartment, no savings, but just a passion that wouldn't let go.  Now with several years under my belt, I'm still as mesmerized and in love with this city as the first day I moved here.  Every day is ripe with opportunity and adventure.


The funny thing is now I actually do let fear dictate my life: I've made an agreement with myself that if the only reason that I don't want to do something is because I'm afraid of the outcome, then I definitely have to do that thing. 


That agreement has led me to everything from asking a guy out for drinks to completely changing careers and starting my own business.  In the artistic world, it led me to performing in several fully-staged musicals, singing on stage by myself for the first time in my life, going to professional auditions, and most recently directing and choreographing a show!  I don't have any Broadway credits to my name... yet, but every day I have the satisfaction of knowing that I'm choosing freedom and fullness of life over fear, and so far, I'm delighted with where that choice has taken me. 

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